Ask a question and receive instant feedback

Annual surveys are a thing of the past. It’s all about instant, real-time feedback.

Whether you would like to know how happy your staff are, or how engaged they feel today, tootmood enables you to ask any question and receive instant feedback.

Our feedback app allows you to capture feedback 24/7. No more waiting 12 months for your next staff survey.

Choose your question

Simply set the question you would like to ask your staff and you’re good to go. Daily, weekly and monthly questions can be set for staff, allowing you to get instant feedback.

Select your response type

Different questions require different responses. With tootmood you can choose from a range of response types. Once a question is set you can choose an emoji response, Yes or No, on a scale of 1-to-10 and custom multiple choice.

How do you feel today? We recommend the Emoji response.

Multiple locations

The beautiful thing about tootmood is it’s flexibility. Tootmood enables you to ask a question across multiple locations, at the click of a button.

Single office with multiple floors? No problem for tootmood. Enterprise organisation with multiple offices around the globe? We’ve got that covered too.

Ask a single question and choose the office location(s) you would like to pulse, and tootmood beams instantly to those locations.

Build your reports

Using tootmood’s single view and compare dashboard features, create your own reports and identity trends from the questions you have asked.

Feedback made simple.