Feedback made simple.
We make organisations happier and safer places with our feedback and reporting software
Ask a question and receive instant feedback

Whether you would like to know how happy your staff are, or how motivated they are feeling today, tootmood enables you to ask any question and receive instant feedback.

Giving you the ability to capture feedback 24/7.

Give your team a voice

Other than face-to-face, it is very difficult for staff to provide confidential feedback. Until now.

tootoot workplace allows your staff to send a confidential message directly to designated staff within your organisation who can then reply at the click of a button.

Case management on the go

When you receive face-to-face feedback where do you record it? A post-it note, notebook, email folders?

What happens when you need to access your notes quickly? Or want to look for trends in feedback?

Tootoot workplace provides team managers with a way to record face-to-face feedback, access information and identify trends at the click of a button.

Evidence-based decisions

All of your feedback in one place means you can identify areas for improvement, and evidence what you are doing right.

Your dashboard will help you to identify trends, enabling evidence-based decisions all from the comfort of your desk. Imagine that.

Feedback made simple.