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Giving you the tools to create better teams
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Seamless setup and launch

Developed alongside experts, tootoot workplace integrates seamlessly with your day-to-day allowing you to gather frequent engagement insights using pulse surveys, create a safe and trusted space for staff to speak-up and give feedback, and gives you the flexibility to track what matters to you.

We’ll support you at every step of the way to create:

  • A happier, safer team who are confident to talk when they need to
  • A better understanding of what your staff are thinking and feeling
  • A high-performing team who are engaged, motivated and productive
Track what matters to you

Our flexible pulse surveys allows you to improve the work environment for your team in areas you find hard to get feedback on. And, best of all, you can make changes based on what your whole team are saying; our pulse’s unique, bitesize format ensures a higher engagement rate than annual surveys.

"Over half of employees surveyed said they would leave an organisation if their wellbeing needs were not met."

- Robert Walters

Talking always helps

Our tool helps create a culture of speaking-up about anything, because talking always helps. We’ve learned that when you give your staff a safe and trusted space to talk, give feedback and share recognition their creativity, innovation and performance all improve too!

"Tootoot workplace has created a bigger culture and conversation around speaking up"


Implement bite-size insights

Your dashboard gives you real-time bitesize insights that are easy to implement by you, your HR teams, leaders and managers. And it’s customisable to ensure that you don’t waste time sifting through data that doesn’t matter to your organisation.

"The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes the workplace can be a positive force for improving mental health."

Access information at your fingertips

Our resource hub centralises your policies, wellbeing resources and signposting, making it quick and simple for everyone to access the information they need.

It saves your HR team time answering the simple questions, and helps you understand trends in employee FAQs so that you can make adjustments and improvements where needed.

Creating better teams.
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